Click to get detailed responses to frequently asked questions about Floaters and Flashes from Dr. Shobha Tandon at NeoVision Eye Center in the Bay Area.. Mar 4, 2013 Does anybody else suffer from these wretched things? i have what looks like a swarm of flies in both eyes and i see them all day long and they.... Eye Floaters Anxiety Symptoms and Cure ... Eye floaters may or may not be a serious problem; however, when normal vision is affected by unwanted shapes.... Never had eye floaters before until a very taxing week away hiking recently. I was hoping they'd just go away but a few weeks later and they're still going strong.. Eye floaters, health anxiety & motivation (oh my). GDNet Lounge Community. Started by picklejuice September 13, 2010 04:45 PM. 22 comments, last by.... Eye floaters (known as floaters) are tiny specks that can be seen in your field of vision especially when you look at a light-coloured area (such as a blue sky or.... I then started to notice all the little floaters in both eyes. I can't believe this is coincidence. Suddenly during this 2 week period of high anxiety, I develop floaters,.... Apr 14, 2019 Yup anxiety n all we include under disorders related to these condition eye can get effected....see floater means u see something in.... Feb 22, 2019 I have never experienced floaters like this in my eyes before. I just have one prominent black one near the top of my vision that I can see in... 538a28228e

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